djkoob (djkoob) wrote,

DJing on 89.9fm WORT for Something Wonderful

Here's the setlist from Monday's show as formatted by spinitron:

08:00PM Cut Copy “Sun God (It's Overtures Street Prayer Edit)” from Sun God (It's Overtures Street Prayer Edit) (2011) on Modular New

08:07PM Peter Black “Precious Beast” from Precious Beast (2011) New

08:12PM Rewards “Equal Dreams” from Equal Dreams (2011) on DFA New

08:17PM Planningtorock “Living it out (Billy Lock Remix)” from Living It Out (2011) on DFA

08:22PM Alan Fitzpatrick “Moon Palace” from Moon Palace (2011) New

08:25PM Underworld “Dark and Long (Christian Smith Hypnotica Dub)” from Christian Smith Remixes (2011) New

08:32PM Sasha “XPander (Funkagenda Remix)” from XPander (Funkagenda Remix) (2011) New

08:37PM Holy Ghost! (Feat Nancy Whang and The Juan MacLean) “I Wanted to Tell Her” from I Wanted to Tell Her (2011) on Green Label Records New

08:42PM Martin Solveig & Dragonette “Hello (Radio Edit)” from Hello (Radio Edit) (2011) New

08:49PM Katy B “Lights On (Gigamesh Remix) [feat. Ms Dynamite]” from On A Mission (2011) on Rinse / Columbia New

08:55PM Washed Out “Amor Feti” from Amor Feti (2011) New

08:59PM Circulation “Limited #2” from Limited #2 (1999) on Circulation

09:01PM Ivardensphere “Here Lies Lily Brant” from APOK (2011) on Metropolis New

09:08PM Ivardensphere “Myopic (feat. Caustic)” from APOK (2011) on Metropolis New

09:12PM Ivardensphere “Cracked Earth (feat. I:Scintilla)” from APOK (2011) on Metropolis New

09:17PM Ivardensphere “Of Ancient Reprise (feat. This Morn Omina)” from APOK (2011) on Metropolis New

09:29PM Orlando Voorn “Paco Di Bango's World (Deadmau5 Remix)” from Ignitor (2008) on Submerge Recordings

09:35PM Spooky “Little Bullet (Ballistic Mix)” from Little Bullet (2010) on Renaissance

09:40PM Le Castle Vania “Awake” from Awake Single (2011) New

09:44PM JasWho? “Solar Future (feat. Chela Simone) (Cold Blank Remix)” from Re:Droid (2011) New

09:49PM Wyatt Agard “NEW FUNK JAM” from Single (2011) on Clearly Good Music New

09:52PM Florence and the Machine “You've Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix)” from Remix (2011) on Toolroom

10:00PM Superpitcher “White Lightning” from Single (2011) on Kompakt

10:05PM Tiesto ft. Kay “Work Hark, Play Hard” from Work Hark, Play Hard (2011) New

10:09PM Imperative Reaction “Surface (Rotersand Remix)” from Surface EP (2011) on Metropolis New

10:15PM Aesthetic Perfection “The Bitter Years (Straftanz Remix)” from VF - Cry For Death Vol. 1 (2011) on Vampire Freaks Request

10:18PM Korn Feat. Skrillix “Get Up (Autoerotique Remix)” from Remix (2011)

10:23PM Caustic “White Knuckle Head F*** (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)” from White Knuckle Head Fuck EP (2011) on Metropolis Local, New

10:30PM The Gothsicles “B-R-[X]-A-N feat. Brian North of XuberX” from Industrialites and Magic (2011) on WTII Records Local, New

10:35PM Surgyn “Sever (Soman Remix)” from VF - Cry For Death Vol. 1 (2011) on Vampire Freaks

10:40PM Apoptygma Berzerk “Asleep or Awake (Spektralized RMX)” from Black EP vol 2 (2011) on Metropolis New

10:44PM Pop Will Eat Itself “Seek and Destroy” from Seek and Destroy (2011) on Metropolis New

10:47PM Front 242 “Animal (Cage)” from 05:22:09:12 Off (1993) on RRE

10:53PM Diary of Dreams “Lebenslang” from Ego:X (2011) on Metropolis New

10:58PM The Dark Clan “Derezzed (Daft Punk Cover)” from Free Stuff EP (2011) Local, New
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